Aircraft document management

Aircraft owners and financing institutes should make sure, that they always have control of their aircraft and immediate unlimited access to the aircraft's technical records.

Using groWING's aircraft document management program ensures that aircraft documents and technical records are stored and recorded at an independent location and in a safe and trusted environment. 

We archive and update original technical records based on the requirements specified in EASA Part-M Subpart C or the respective authorities. These records include:

  • Hours and Cycles
  • Technical Logbooks
  • Airframe Logbook
  • Engine Logbook
  • APU Logbook
  • Maintenance Inspection Records
  • EASA Form One (if applicable)
  • Modification Status (complied with)
  • Airworthiness Directive Status

Furthermore we archive and monitor the validity of certificate copies of the following aircraft documents (certificates):

  • Registration Certificate (CofR)
  • Registration of Title
  • Airworthiness Certificate (CofA)
  • Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)
  • Noise Certificate
  • Radio Station License/Certificates
  • Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
  • Special Operation Approvals
  • Mass and Balance
  • Insurance Certificate

All certificates will be requested from the operator/lessee twenty working days prior to their expiration and archived as scanned documents.