As the first independent EASA approved Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO), we can provide much more than the legally required controlled environment of your aircraft.

Continuing airworthiness management is a subject that is underestimated: By efficiently managing aircraft data and information, operational costs can be reduced, the value of the aircraft increased and operations go smoother and with less hassle.

All your documents, such as logbook pages, maintenance work-reports, forms and agreements are scanned, reviewed and digitally archived and are therefore always accessible to you online whenever needed.

Your maintenance invoices will be reviewed and checked for accuracy. All maintenance planning including the assessment of airworthiness directives or service bulletins is performed by us, as well as the administration of your maintenance program and contracts. All maintenance manuals are available to you, your maintenance contractor and us via the online portal [].

It is your decision whether you use [] as the maintenance planning system or the system setup by the aircraft manufacturer. You decide who has access to your aircraft data and to which level.